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  • 創新產品設計、研發制作  挑戰ODM
    Innovative product design, R & D and production
    Challenge ODM
  • 就是能榨出  不平凡的味道及口感
    It can be squeezed out
    Extraordinary taste and taste
  • 實用角度設計  重視您對生活的感動
    Practical angle design
    Pay attention to your moving to life
  • 食品級材質  商用性質工業壽命
    Food grade material
    Commercial industrial life


Our company has been operating Jingjiang Weineng brand for many years, and we accept OEM manufacturing from manufacturers who can sell it. We hope to see more opportunities of Jingjiang Weineng brand in the market in the future.

「Quality, service and innovation」

Jingjiang Weineng has a professional R & D team and has the courage to challenge ODM.

Understand the market demand, improve the quality, improve the efficiency of food production, and hope that the products can bring more added value to customers and create a win-win trend.

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Hot products

  • HPZ-1.5Fine crushing juice machine
    HPZ-1.5Fine crushing juice machine

    The equipment integrates crushing and spiral juicing, realizing first crushing and then juicing of fruits and vegetables. It is mainly suitable for crushing and juicing various frui

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  • DYJ Model belt type juicing machine
    DYJ Model belt type juicing machine

    The machine uses many rollers to juice the materials that enter the filter screen. With such features as automatic material feeding and discharging, continuous operation,sufficient

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  • Multifunctional juicer
    Multifunctional juicer

    This machine is suitable for orange, lemon, orange, pineapple, lime, grapefruit, grapefruit and other citrus fruits, directly from 25mm-140mm, the fruit does not need to be peeled,

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